Straight from the Warehouse to You
The History of Foodirect, Inc.
The History of Foodirect, Inc.
Growing up in the business and going to work with his father, one of the originators, Donald Levine, a young Robert Levine became most familiar with his food industry surroundings. Learning the business from the "ground up", Robert was prepared to handle the business of P & L Provisions as the Levine brothers had... before him.

As a contemporary, Robert was able to further expand the business to over 2300 items of inventory. Inclined to be in tune with the need and demand for change regarding to our economy, Robert was also able to adapt this food wholesale business not only to the present... but for the future.

In order to take full advantage of an ever - changing industry ... P & L had to adapt to the future in order to survive. P & L was transformed into a new concept - not in name only - as Foodirect was introduced in 1997. No longer considered as a merely a wholesaler, Foodirect may be viewed as a warehouse. Acting as a warehouse, Foodirect sells all purchasers at identical prices in order to a contender in our current food industry. Warehouse shopping seems to be the wave of the future.

Formerly P & L Provisions, "Foodirect" is a result of a rapidly changing food industry - all stemming from a small family business. Foodirect was not only a company's name - change, but an entire outlook for the future of the food industry.

After 21 years of working in the industry, Robert Levine was able to translate a need and demand left unfulfilled regarding owners of food related businesses. Many small businesses have been overwhelmed by the larger retailers and chain stores, as well as chain restaurants, of today. The concept of the warehouse is at the core of our economy, and has never been more important. Today, you will find stores like Price Clubs, Sam's, etc catering to the public as consumers are impressed with the "warehouse" status. But smaller businesses should not be left out... as they, too, should be able to profit in today's times by purchasing products directly from a warehouse. That is where "Foodirect" comes into view... "straight from the warehouse to you".

Foodirect's Strategy

Declaring a will to survive through all difficult times - past, present, and future - there is no strength like that of people standing united to maintain and uphold their positions - their livelihoods.
In all trades and professions, obstacles may be evident. But as there is strength in numbers - united in a common plan - there is also survival and rewarding profits.

Family owned businesses are now being dominated by many food and restaurant chains. After generations of families have worked to create a future their history is being overwhelmed - what will become of their businesses? What will be left for the next generation? The chain stores/restaurants are weakening the productivity and profitability of these privately owned business offers the old fashioned home recipes, family derived personal service and abundant positive enhancements; the chain offer procedures, institutionalized recipes, and calculated service. We must save the spirit of the family run business!

Many states no longer have successful smaller family enterprise. This is extremely sad. What can we offer our children, and their children? Our cycles of family history are being overpowered by the larger/stronger food chains. Cheap labor, lower expenditures - all evident in chains - we must compete with this - not be overpowered! In combining our goals, efforts to regain the strength and importance of family/privately owned business will be rewarded.

Smaller businesses must use their character to the greatest of advantages. Attracting new customers (and maintaining them) is a necessity. Foodirect can help. Foodirect, offering one low price to all purchasers, enables the smaller business to be a successful contender in our competitive industry. Even larger cold - cut companies, formerly selling to only privately owned delis, are now selling to these larger food chains - adding to the competitiveness that is so clearly exhibited.

Acting as a warehouse, Foodirect is an establishment that can assist the survival of the privately owned food enterprises. Jobbers and wholesalers are shopping for a one or two cent per pound savings - and then their mark up ranges from 12% to over 20%! Not 12 or 20 cents - but 12 to 20 percent! This is why Foodirect was created - if you were to save the percentage of your suppliers' markup on your purchases you could in effect "recycle" those dollars into providing your customer with more product, more services, more daily specials, etc.). There is now a need for Foodirect to reach customers directly in order to relay our competitive pricing and our ever-expanding product lines. Buying directly form the warehouse is to your benefit.

As a "warehouse", Foodirect would like to assist all valued customers during these competitive times. In our theory, of looking ahead, Foodirect looks forward to offering you various new services in the future.